Grief Is Mourning Sickness from Jan Luther
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Grief Is…Mourning Sickness® Chapter Highlights

Preface: I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.~ Maya Angelou

Introduction: Nice to meet you!

  • My initiation to trauma and loss (I was 8 years old)
  • Grief is everywhere
  • The Military Life…Lost in a sea of grief as a Navy wife
  • A grief so big…there is no name for it…the loss of my son

Grief Is…Mourning Sickness

Coaching: The similarities between birthing a child and “deathing” a child

  • Birthing the baby…the only way to it, is through it
  • Prenatal care; good advice for Post Trauma & Loss and Grief Care
  • Pre-caution: Avoid “Destructive Habits of Distraction©”
  • Closet days

Grief Is…Left Over Love

Coaching: The physical pain of grief

  • “Open” and “Closed” Spirit
  • Emotional Walls & A.D.D. in relationships
  • Persistent Resistance (P.R.)

Grief Is…A Magician

Coaching: The challenges grief brings to your relationships

  • The “Lasagna Lady”
  • Health Crisis and PTSD
  • Tapping for feeling “HOPELESS”

Grief Is…Watching someone else’s life flash before your eyes.

Coaching: Watch your mental movies

  • Shock and trauma create a brain freeze similar to a computer’s blue screen!
  • Tapping for the incessant mental movies
  • SPECIAL love

Grief Is…A Tower of Babel

Coaching: When people say hurtful things

  • My Sassy Suggestion at “The Happy Booby Club”
  • The mistake I made at my brother’s funeral
  • Examples of ‘babel’ comments and how to translate them

Grief Is…An Inconsiderate Guest

Coaching: Keeping yourself under control

  • Back to work is not business as usual
  • The COST of grief in the workplace
  • The Luther Grief Breathing Method to stop a panic/crying attack

Grief Is…Oil in the Salad Dressing of Life

Coaching: Addressing your unfinished business

  • A symbolic story- a mountain of emotional luggage
  • Being willing to do the work
  • EGO makes “unreasonable” connections

Grief Is…A Marathon

Coaching: Pace yourself; this is not a sprint

  • How long will it take? Am I grieving right?
  • The long list of “firsts”
  • Keeping the memory alive without stoking the pain of grief

Grief Is…A Day-to-Day Experience

Coaching: Demystifying grief; we experience it all the time!

  • The degree of suffering is determined by…the degree of attachment
  • Examples of often unaddressed grief
  • The decision

Introducing Jan Luther’s Signature Formula:

“The 5 Aspects of Grief”©

Coaching: Take your healing into your own hands!

  • Comparing and enhancing the usefulness of The 5 Stages of Grief model
  • Denial or P.R.?
  • Exemplifying The 5 Aspects of Grief

Don’t allow grief to “take you out of the game!”

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This book is your “emotional first aid” handbook for grief. Most people agree that the time to learn CPR and First Aid is before someone is lying in front of you, unconscious and not breathing. Would you agree, then, that the best time to learn what to expect and what you can do about grief is before you experience a trauma or loss?

Drawing on work with thousands of students and clients and my own experiences with grief – including the loss of my 22-year old son in 2006 – I’ll teach you how to identify and address the often unrecognized causes and symptoms of grief. Every page of this book is written to give you simple and specific strategies for transcending grief so that you will not have to be at the mercy of trauma, loss or change ever again!